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We'll select wine for your occasion, manage your budget, and handle other special requests.

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Winelala can deliver directly in Philadelphia and can coordinate delivery for most states.

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Learn about and taste wine in the comfort of your own home. Choose from three different packages.

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The Benefits of Choosing Winelala


Customized Recommendations
Winelala chooses wine for you based on on your personal tastes and budget.

Special, Distinctive Wine
The wines we recommend are not necessarily fancy or expensive, although we're happy to accomodate requests for those! We like to focus on smaller producers and special products when possible, but we feature the big names too.

Wine Advising
Connect with our experts for your wine-related questions for personal feedback and guidance.

Winelala is happy to now offer delivery to some Philadelphia residents! If you are outside of our zone, delivery may be available through one of Winelala's affiliates.

Repurposing and Recycling
Winelala offers repurposing and recycling services! Through our partnership with Remark Glass, you can turn your special bottle into a keepsake, or if you just want to keep your used bottles from clogging up landfills, let us pick them up and recycle them.