Domaine Gardien Freres Secrét de Jaligny 2015

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Winelala had really been on an American wine kick these past few months, showcasing wines from Texas and New Jersey as our May, June, and July Wines of the Month. Each of those wines rightly earned their titles for creativity and innovation and most importantly, for being delicious!  But then along came this work of art from Domaine Gardien Freres in Saint Pourçain, a tiny town in the Loire Valley that dates back to the Middle Ages, and we recalibrated. 

It’s easy to get caught up in a big world that’s full of adventure and new experiences, but that is what makes coming home feel so good. The newer styles about which we’ve been raving are exciting because they give insight into the philosophies and directions of emerging regions, but Secret de Jaligny provides that sense of home; a return to the subtler, enduring style of wine from which every deviation springs.  And even though you’ll venture out again, home is where you belong.

Secret de Jaligny is made of 80% pinot noir and 20% gamay and gently aged in French oak. You’ll find notes of crunchy red cherries and cranberries, just-ripe dry green herbs with slight flashes of sweet mint and tarragon, black pepper, newly turned earth, and hints of smoke, cinnamon, allspice, and vanilla. The wine is easy and elegant with smooth tannins and a roundness that compliments the upfront berry and herbal freshness. 

Good news! This wine is coming to Pennsylvania. Contact Winelala to place your orders. Retail approx $25 and worth much more.

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