September’s Wine of the Month is from Spain!


Adega Pedralonga DoUmia Tinto 2016

This wine was meant to kick off fall.

This wine was meant to kick off fall.

If you’ve been following our featured recommendations and Wines of the Month this year, you probably noticed that we were really into American wine for awhile, and that’s because a lot of it was new and experimental, such as June’s Texas six grape blend and July’s New Jersey rosé. Last month we started finding our way back to Europe with Domaine Gardien Frère’s Secret de Jaligny from the Loire Valley, saying it was ‘a return to the subtler, enduring style of wine from which every deviation springs.’ It gave us a sense of home, and ‘even though you’ll venture out again, home is where you belong’.

September’s Wine of the Month offers that restrained style we so love, but presents it in a less traditional blend, leading to a sense of simultaneously being at home and venturing out. Adega Pedrolongo’s DoUmia Tinto is from the fun-to-say region of ‘Rias Baixas’, located in the cool, damp, northwest corner of Spain that is best known for producing albariño. This red wine is based on mencia, a grape that combines the characteristics of syrah, cab franc, and pinot noir.

DoUmia Tinto is made of 70% Mencia / 20% Caino / 10% Espadeiro, and is aged in steel to preserve freshness. The wine is medium bodied with notes of blackberries, black cherries, violets, dried thyme, black pepper, dark leafy earthiness, and wet stone minerality. It is savory with a hint of tanginess, and elegant with smooth tannins.


DoUmia retails for approx $25, but is worth much more. If you are in the Philadelphia area, Winelala can deliver it directly to you!! Just schedule a consultation online or contact us through email.