A Sparkling Dry Muscat from Maryland is our Newest Find!

Totally into these labels. And the wines.

Totally into these labels. And the wines.

We’ve been on quite a discovery spree these last few months, finding wines from Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, and now Maryland that have brought so much joy! These lesser known wine producing states of the US have really been coming through.

Picture it: dinner for four at a BYO in Philadelphia on a breezy, late-spring evening. “You’ve got to try this!” my friend said happily, grinning and pouring a hazy, lemon-colored muscat out of a bottle with what looked like a homemade label. I loved the label, by the way. The absolute charm and lack of commercial flash make you feel like you’re privy to the winemaker’s private stash, and this case you basically are, since the muscat is sold out online.

The wine that tumbled into my glass was opaque and bubbly; a pet nat. Pet Nat or ‘pétillant naturel’ is a production method where wine is bottled before fermentation is complete, allowing for production of CO2 as sugars in the juice consume the yeast. This is also known as the méthode ancestral, and pet nats are not quite as actively effervescent as Champagne or ‘traditional method’ sparklers since those undergo a second fermentation in the bottle.

But back to it, because the wine definitely caused a moment. The nose was absolutely gorgeous; floral and pink grape notes wafted up to seemingly perfume the whole restaurant, or at least the little microcosm that was our table. If the scent pulled you in, the taste brought you back: orange blossom, a hint of rosewater, lemon and white pepper, fresh sweet green snap peas, and just a touch of something toasted - quinoa? There was no sweetness to be found, nor was it an acid bomb, and the persistent bead (bubbling) led to a layered and clean finish.

Needless to say, the night was off to a brilliant start. And I have great friends.

It is a bit of a tease to talk about a wine when it’s not exactly readily available, but the point is that Old Westminster located in Westminster, MD, is solidly on our radar, and we will be exploring the rest of their portfolio this summer and fall! Please stay tuned for that, and contact Winelala if you’re interested in purchasing the muscat described here or any other recommendations from this winery.