Winelala's Favorite Rosés 2019

Thanks to Noted for the cool pic!

Thanks to Noted for the cool pic!


Did you catch our article on lesser known facts about rosé? It’s interesting, well-written and informative. But let’s get to what everyone actually cares about. The recommendations!

Here are some of our favorites… so far! Remember that rosé is wine that is made to be drunk now. Do not cellar these. They are best when they’re young and fresh.

Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rose 2017 - this Spanish wine is a bit more serious of a rosé; it is sophisticated but still extremely enjoyable and fun. The winemaker quite simply states that you will find candied red fruits combined with a lime infused edge that makes this wine wildly intriguing. I found this on a wine list in Philadelphia and immediately ordered bottles for my own cellar - and then watched as it popped up on wine lists around the city!! Made from Hondarribi Zurri and Hondarribi BeltzaIt, it justifies its price point at around $25.

Bertani Bertarosé 2018 - Bertani Bertarose, made in the Lake Garda region of Valtenese, is lychee-pink and has bright aromas of pomegranate and redcurrants with notes of white flowers. It has fresh air tart and tanginess. This light and elegant wine gets it just right. Find it for around $15.

Chloé - from California’s Central Coast, Chloé rosé contains strawberry juice and red plums, pink grapefruit pith, and is backed with a few hints of creaminess and baking spice for complexity. While we don’t have a sponsored link to share for this wine, it can be found pretty easily at most wine stores and wine retailers in the US, and at Total Wine in particular, for around $11.


Diamante Comincioli Chiaretto 2018 is from Chiaretto DOC in the Riviera del Garda Classico in northern Italy. It’s made from groppello, barbera, sangiovese, and marzemino, and is aged in stainless steel. Red roses and strawberries will send you flying. Truly one of the best! (This is a bit of an unfair recommendation though. It’s almost impossible to find in the US. If you do, expect to pay around $22.)

Domaine Ott by Ott Bandol Rose 2017. A crisp and casual rosé made by the producer who put rosé on the world map. Comprised of cinsault, mourvèdre, grenache and syrah from the brand’s Château Romassan’s estate in Bandol, France. Ott by Ott is a standout not only for its ease and elegance, but for its cool, uniquely shaped bottle, designed by the original winemaker’s son decades ago. Find it for around $22.

Don’t judge a wine by its label…

Don’t judge a wine by its label…

Hogwash - It seems odd that the word ‘hogwash’ can legitimately be found on Winelala. We bought this California wine as a joke while we were vacationing in Austin, TX so we could say someone was drinking hogwash. I should have known it was going to be delicious and fun because clearly the winemaker has a sense of humor - and the wine was great! Fruity, easy drinking, and just right for a day out in the sun with friends! It’s made from grenache and you’ll find all kinds of red berries and light minerality in the back with nothing complicated, but it’s not so simple that it’s boring. Find it for around $19.


Mathilde Chapoutier Rosé de Provence 2018 - I thought I learned my lesson about judging by labels - good and bad - when I talked about the Hogwash above. I was equally as enchanted with this rosé’s gorgeous label and presentation and bought it based on looks alone. Luckily the wine inside is just as good, with the winemaker species citrus, grapefruit, and white fruit notes. Made of a typical Provence blend: greanche, cinsault, syrah, and rolle. Approximately $17.

… but how can you resist  this  label?

… but how can you resist this label?

Pratsch Organic Rosé - this Austrian wine is made from organically grown grapes. You’ll find strawberry, peach, and pear backed by crisp, refreshing acidity. Wine Enthusiast calls this a Best Buy if you can get your hands on it!! It has made all of Winelala’s lists but has been tough to actually find - let me know if you get it! Find it for around $14.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé 2017 - It’s tough to ever pick a favorite grape, wine, or even style of wine. But rosé made of pinot noir might be something I confess to as a favorite. This wine is made in Pfalz, a sunny region in Germany that allows the grapes to ripen just so, and leads to a wine that is fresh, fruity, and floral, without being sweet or overbearing in any way. Find it for around $15.

Where possible, we’ve provided links so that you can order through, who is an affiliate, but please keep in mind that the wines are chosen on merit alone. If a selection is not available, please contact us and we can help you find it. Keep in mind that this list will be updated all spring and summer as Winelala and associates uncover new beauties!!