Our Packages


private club

$25 / Month

Includes profile set up (one time $10), monthly personal recs with tasting/pairing notes, info on why the wine matches you, delivery options, and access to all premium content.

The Enthusiast

$ 10 / Month

Access to premium recommendations and reviews, premium articles, online and direct advising, and delivery options. You can cancel or change your account at any time.

The Explorer

FREE! Just create an account

Access to premium articles and online advising; does not include access to premium recommendations and reviews. You can unsubscribe or change your account at any time.


Member Benefits


Customized Profile

Winelala creates your individual profile according to your personal tastes and wine budget to make monthly customized recommendations. (Only private club members have individual profiles built, however, we work with your personal preferences at any membership level during online advising.)

Special, Distinctive Wine

The wines we recommend are not necessarily fancy or expensive, but we're happy to accomodate those too! Winelala focuses on smaller producers and special products, although we also feature the big names, or 'Everyday Gems'. Our Monthly Top Recommendations (for Enthusiasts only) will generally be $30 or less.

Wine Advising

Connect with wine expert Noelle Allen for your wine questions and to receive personal feedback and guidance. It's like having your very own sommelier on call!


Delivery is available through Winelala's affiliates, wine.com and wineaccess.com (sponsored links). Winelala can even order your wine for you!

Premium Content and Reduced Rates

Premium Content articles contain general recommendations and advice! Members also enjoy a reduced hourly planning rate on Winelala's private wine services.



How it Works


We Create your Profile

Fill out Winelala's online profile builder and tell us all about yourself. We can't wait to get to know you! P.S. We DO NOT share your data.


we select your wine

Your monthly wine recommendations are prepared based on your profile. Your package contains information on how to order your wine online. Or, Winelala can place the order for you!


we stay in touch

Winelala stays in touch to answer questions, get feedback, and ensure that you are completely happy! Cheers to new connections!