Castles, Castles, Everywhere and So Much Wine to Drink

Winelala went to the Loire Valley.

A little refresher on the Loire Valley: it is located in central France along the Loire River, and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the very center of the country. From west to east, the Loire's major wine regions are Nantes, Anjou/Samur, Touraine, and Centre-Loire. Each region has its own appellations or 'AOC's, and wines from those appellations have their own distinctions. Michelle and I would start in Centre-Loire in the east, which contains the Mentor-Salon, Pouilly-Fumé, Quincy, Reilly, Sancerre, Chateaumeillant, and Coteaux du Giennoise AOCs, then head west to Touraine, which holds including Chinon and many other AOC's.

Michelle and I finally met up a few hours later. Along with our friend Katie, who was definitely on vacation, we arrived at Domaine des Clairneaux by Jean Marie Berthier Vignerons in Sancerre, where we were greeted by Clément Berthier, the son of Jean Marie. I still had no slept but it mattered not. We were about the start on some crispy, real and true Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

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