Villa Rosa Gavi di Gavi 2017


Here, we’ll find stone fruits and minerals alongside a clean finish. Made from Cortese grapes, this wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel, so has never been in contact with oak. At the same time, it holds true to its European restraint in that it’s not overly fruity, textural, or produced, and you’ll find a slight nuttiness that generally is not present in Newer Wold wines. A bit of background: the grapes come from a small production zone that includes the town of Gavi and ten surrounding communes. ‘Gavi’ or ‘Cortese di Gavi’ was granted DOC status in 1974 and promoted to DOCG in 1998. Historically, the area was more associated with Liguria and its fish-based cuisine, but since the phylloxera outbreak in Europe, it became part of Piedmont.

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