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Special and distinctive wine delivery & private wine services 

Small / limited production wine • Everyday Gems • Recommendations and advising


What We Offer

Winelala's club gives you access to lesser-known and hard-to-find wines, special events, and direct contact with wine expert Noelle Allen for recommendations and advice. Your very own private wine advisor is on call.



When you join the club, Noelle will build your personal profile based on your particular tastes, preferences, and wine goals. 


Each week or month (depending which option you choose) you will set your wine budget, requirements, and delivery dates. Winelala will then select and deliver wines you will love based on your profile, spend limit, and expectations.

Drink Up!

Your experience is completely customized and Winelala stays in touch to answer questions, get feedback, and to ensure that you are completely happy!


Member Benefits


Winelala includes so many incredible benefits! It is easy to sign up and let's you find the best wines that suite you! Treat yourself. 

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What's Included?

Customized Profile
Winelala will research, find, and buy wine based on the budget you set. We prepare write ups and tasting notes for each wine.

Specialty Bottles
In addition to Everyday Gems, Winelala finds lesser known, hard–to–find, and private–stock bottles that are not easily accessible to the average buyer and gets them straight to you! 

Winelala delivers. 

Wine Advising
Winelala is on–call if you have questions in a restaurant, at a wine store, need recommendations or even just have general wine-related questions. We provide lots of education and tips. Yay for easy communication!

Monthly Newsletter
We will not clutter up your inbox, nobody likes that! 

Party Planning/Wine Classes
Members enjoy a reduced hourly planning rate on Winelala party services and wine classes.


Total Package

Winelala is extremely affordable. We care about our clients and only purchase wines for them in their budget. Winelala gives you access to wines you wouldn't typically be able to get otherwise  


Our Prices


The initial consultation fee is to build your taste profile and delivery preferences. This consultation can be in-person, over the phone, or online. We work with whatever suits your schedule best.


Please Note: Winelala is still preparing pricing, please check back!!


Membership is auto-renewed monthly. It can be stopped or skipped at any time before your next monthly charge. There is no cancelation fee. Please read Terms and Conditions below for more information.