Blenheim Vineyards Merlot

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I almost cut this winery from the Charlottesville tour we took last December because it’s owned by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band and I thought it would be too gimmicky. Luckily, I got over myself and found that Blenheim was my favorite winery of the day! All the wines we found in Charlottesville that were worth drinking were between the $24 and $30 marks, so this one at $19 from the winery is a bargain!! This is fruit-forward enough to be interesting and versatile, but mellow and medium bodied enough to be easy. It was aged for nine months in the various oaks listed above, then finished in stainless steel, which brought out light and gentle herbs and spices while preserving the fresh-berry goodness. This wine is FUN. And if you’re into the celebrity aspect at all, Dave designed that label.

RedNoelle AllenComment