Wine delivery day is the best day!!

Wine delivery day is the best day!!

Philadelphia Residents

No more lines! Once your wine has been selected and purchased through the Fine Wine & Good Spirits (FWGS) system, Winelala can deliver it directly to your home or office in Philadelphia. We can help with wine selection and ordering as well, since this service was designed for Special Liquor Orders.

Set up a free consultation or complete the form below to request a quote. This service is best for those who order wine to a FWGS store or pickup location. Winelala’s fees are in addition to FWGS fees.

1-12 bottles $15 flat fee
13-24 bottles $20 flat fee
$1 additional per bottle for orders over 24

Outside Philadelphia?

We can deliver to you through one of our affiliates, where shipping fees can be as low as $0! Just request a quote for more information.


Pick Up - Philadelphia Only

Transform and renew, don't toss!

Winelala can pick up your empty bottles once the wine is gone. We are proud to partner with Remark Glass, Philadelphia’s only Zero Waste Business, who recycles and repurposes glass for reuse.

Throwing away a bottle of wine can sometimes feel like tossing out a little piece of art. Especially because wine bottles are not single use containers. Whether you want to preserve a special bottle by transforming it into a unique and practical item for your home, such a coffee mug, bowl, or vase (or something else altogether!) or you just don’t want to clog up landfills, Winelala and Remark Glass have you covered under Winelala's Zero Waste, One Earth services.

Please note: Winelala only picks up empty wine and alcohol bottles, we do not take general household recycling.

As this is a new program, we are finalizing pricing, but please request a quote below.