Terlaner 2013


Alto Aldige Region



first coop, 24 farmers from region known for red and white. Good rep of winery

60% white PN

30% Chard

10% SB

elegant weight, acidity, freshness from PN

Body -> Char

aroma -> SB

Body sensations, texture $30

Chewy, 13.% rock, clay, limestone

Last three nose complexity

Professional structure of wine


—Soil pH


No MLF because acid is low, only whites have no oak treatment
Saltiness = Sardinia, appertives and seafood

First three, serve cold, one for another, at room temp, three different wines who needs oak, lack thereof keeps varietals identifiable and different from one another

Spain Malvasia family, Tuscan not as interesting, salty apperitives
Soil: sand, stone, rock gives salt