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By Arindam Basu, PhD

Social media has led to a proliferation of designated drinking days. Type in any hashtag and you are friends with people from all over the world drinking the same beverage on the same day. Many times, I realized that it was #sauvblancday or #IPAday or #cabfrancday only after checking my social accounts.

While teaching wine classes at a bar in downtown Philadelphia each week, I started thinking of ideas and themes pertaining to that week or month, so I took the opportunity to search the social media driven drinking holidays. As it turns out, the task of finding a complete list is not a simple one, so I have curated most of the days of the year that celebrate alcoholic beverages. Whether you are a wine, whiskey, beer, or cocktail lover – I’ve got you covered. Cheers!


January 1st National Bloody Mary Day

January 17th Hot Buttered Rum Day

January 24th National Beer Can Appreciation Day

January 25th National Irish coffee Day

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February 18th Global Drink Wine Day

February 22nd National Margarita Day

Last Saturday in February Open that Bottle Night

February 27th National Kahlua Day

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March 3rd National Mulled Wine Day

March 3rd National Moscow Mule Day

March 5th National Absinthe Day

March 24th National Cocktail Day

March 27th & 28th International Whiskey Day

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Michigan Wine Month

April 7th National Beer Day

April 9th International Gin and Tonic Day

April 17th International Malbec Day

April 19th National Amaretto Day

Glass of Malbec


Oregon Wine Month

May 2nd National Homebrew Day

May 5th Cinco de Mayo

May 6th International Sauvignon Blanc Day

May 7th National Cosmopolitan Day

May 9th World Moscato Day

May 13th World Cocktail Day

May 16th Mimosa Day

Third Saturday in May World Whiskey Day

May 25th National Wine Day

Thursday before Memorial Day National Chardonnay Day

May 30th National Mint Julep Day

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Idaho Wine Month

Second Saturday in June National Rose Day

June 4th National Cognac Day

June 6th National Moonshine Day

Second Saturday in June National Gin Day

June 11th16th National Prosecco Week

June 14th National Bourbon Day

June 19th National Martini Day

June 21st Lambrusco Day

June 30th National Mai Tai Day

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First week of July Sparkling Wine Week

July 2nd National Anisette Day

July 10th National Pina Colada Day

July 11th National Mojito Day

July 14th National Grand Marnier Day

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

July 24th National Tequila Day

July 25th National Wine and Cheese Day

July 27th National Scotch Day

July 31st Black Tot Day

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Washington Wine Month, Rosé Month

Aug 1st – Aug 5th International Albariño Days

First Friday in August International Beer Day

First Thursday in August National IPA Day

August 1st Mead Day

August 4th National White Wine Day

August 14th International Rose Day

August 16th National Rum Day

August 18th National Pinot Noir Day

August 25th National Whiskey Sour Day

August 28th Red Wine Day

Thursday before Labor Day International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

August 29th National Lemon Juice Day

(So many cocktails require lemon juice. So why not have a day dedicated to drinking lemon juice-based cocktails. Refreshing and boozy!)

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California Wine Month, Illinois Wine Month, Missouri Wine Month, North Carolina Wine and Grape Month

September 20th Rum Punch Day

Third Friday of September International Grenache Day

September 28th National Drink a Beer Day

September 29th National Coffee Day (Did I say coffee, I meant Irish coffee!)

September 30th National Mulled Cider Day

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Virginia Wine Month, Pennsylvania Wine Month, Texas Wine Month, National Applejack Month

October 4th National Vodka Day

October 16th National Liqueur Day

Second Saturday of October International Pinotage Day

October 19th International Gin and Tonic Day

October 19th International (Global) Champagne Day

October 20th National Brandied Fruit Day (Just toss out the fruit and drink the brandy!)

October 21st National Caramel Apple Day

October 21st National Mezcal Day

October 27th National American Beer Day

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November 7th International Merlot Day

November 8th National Harvey Wallbanger Day

November 9th TAPAS International Tempranillo Day

November 12th National Happy Hour Day

November 12th Wine Tourism Day

November 18th National Zinfandel Day

Third Wednesday of November National Zinfandel Day

Third Thursday of November Beaujolias Nouveau Day

November 24th Carménère Day

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National Eggnog Month

December 4th Cabernet Franc Day

December 5th Prohibition Repeal Day

December 7th National Rhubarb Vodka Day

December 10th National Lager Day

December 14th National Screwdriver Day

December 20th National Sangria Day

December 24th National Eggnog Day

December 31st National Champagne Day

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Hope all of you had a good read and marked your favorite ones down. I would really appreciate if you let me know if I missed any.


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Author bio: Arindam Basu is an Assistant Professor at Penn State University, Brandywine Campus where he teaches anatomy & physiology. He is currently the lead wine captain at The City Winery in Philadelphia and pursuing his Diploma in WSET.

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