Winelala Welcomes Winter!

I’m READY this year - bring it, winter!! Photo credit: Monica Ayers Photography

I’m READY this year - bring it, winter!! Photo credit: Monica Ayers Photography

It’s officially wintertime! Does this fill you with glee or do you take more of a bear’s approach to the season (aka hibernation)? Don’t worry if you’re the latter; that’s what grape vines are doing too - going dormant - until spring. At least in the northern hemisphere. Keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere, it’s summertime and harvest will begin in only a few months. Even better, their early-drinking 2018s will be out soon!! Isn’t that cool? As we warm by the fire here, the grapes begin to ripen there. Welcome to winter, welcome to summer.

We have some cool, cool, cool stuff in store for the next few months to try to keep the doldrums away if you do happen to find yourself in the northern hemisphere. I typically take the advice of my good bear friends and bunker down during the late fall and winter months. And while I do think this season of almost-forced rest is important, I think it’s even more important that it leads to renewal.

So in the spirit of holidays, wintertime, rest, happiness and balance, Winelala will be doing a series on wellness and how to stay motivated while we wait for the sun. And of course, we’ll be hitting all the high points and learning about and integrating the wine all along the way!

Check our posts in January because we’ll be collaborating with some awesome nutritionists and dietitians in Philadelphia to bring you these articles, and we’ll also be writing all about the upcoming Union Des Grandes Crus de Bordeaux!!