A Lot of Air Travel? A Lot of Wine? A Lot of Life Just Being Life?


One of my favorite hashtags to use is #lovemyjob. Not only because it’s absolutely the truth, but because I love the underlying sense of gratitude it conveys. Especially since I started on a very different career path…

But as much as I actually do love my job, it requires travel and it requires consuming alcohol. I work in wine, after all, and let’s face it, sometimes booze isn’t the best for clear skin, shiny hair, and lack of grey circles.

I was lucky enough to find Hum Nutrition after getting a free sample of their Glow Sweet Glow Skin Hydration packet. Inside were these delicious gummies full of hyaluronic acid, and Vitamins C&E. Glow Sweet Glow led me to discovering Hum’s website, where I got to interact with an actual nutritionist who put together a schedule of vitamin for me to take each month based on my personal profile. The online questionnaire is pretty in-depth and I felt like I got to paint a pretty accurate picture of all my habits - diet, lifestyle, sleep, etc.

I have been taking the vitamins for about two months now and was so excited about the results that I contacted the company to see if they would be a Winelala affiliate. I never, ever endorse products in which I don’t believe, or that don’t work, and these do.

Check out the site for yourself and definitely give it a chance if you’re interested. Good things do take time, so you won’t see effects overnight, but you will start to notice improvements - and so will everyone else.

This is a sponsored post, so please use this link to go to Hum and to support Winelala!!

I take Skin Heros probiotics, OMG fish oil, Collagen Love, Flatter Me (for a flat stomach) and Wingman (for undereye circles), and of course the Glow Sweet Glow Gummies!

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