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Our Story

The purpose of Winelala is to create connections… between people and moments through sensory harmony; to the present, and to the history that led to the present; to the earth that grows wine, and to the people who make wine.
— Noelle Allen, Founder

About Winelala

Winelala is a smaller, more intimate style of wine club created by wine expert Noelle Allen. Winelala offers professional advice on which wines to buy and drink, as well as the reasoning behind each recommendation.

We love interacting with our clients, so we make ourselves available to text and chat about wine-related questions as they arise. You’ll always feel supported in your wine decisions! Winelala takes the intimidation and guesswork out of wine buying, and in doing so, creates connections.

Winelala is committed to high quality, thoughtful products and services. We are working to offer larger scale, direct delivery in 2019 in order to make more and more specialized wines available to our members.

Until Winelala can deliver directly, our partners fulfill our clients’ orders. Winelala’s affiliates are are and We are working on adding additional partnerships to access to even more inventory.

Photo credit: Monica Ayers Photography

Photo credit: Monica Ayers Photography



About Noelle Allen

Noelle Allen became intrigued by wine at a networking event she attended while working as a business banker at a large national bank. At this time, Noelle had been in finance for ten years and had completed her MBA at Villanova University.

Soon after the event, Noelle enrolled in the Wine School of Philadelphia (WSOP) to begin learning about wine as a hobby. About a year into her studies, Noelle decided to leave corporate America to pursue a career in wine writing. She quit her bank job and enrolled in the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), a London-based, best-in-class global wine and spirits training program, to pursue WSET’s Level 4 Diploma while also continuing to study at WSOP.

Noelle began traveling to Europe and across the United States to learn even more and started uncovering amazing wines and meeting amazing wine people — many with the same happy tale of leaving corporate jobs! Noelle grew more and more fascinated by the business, historic, geographic, scientific, and academic significance of wine, so started Winelala as a blog in 2014. She quickly became known for the wines she was finding and sharing, and was soon being contacted to make private recommendations. In the meantime, her writing style garnered her requests to write wine articles and teach classes. Noelle began speaking and teaching at wine schools, universities, corporations, and private events.

Noelle completed her WSET Diploma in November 2018 and is fully certified DipWSET.  Less than 10,000 individuals worldwide have earned this title since the 1960s. Noelle truly is a schooled, trained, and certified wine expert.

Noelle lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband, two dogs, one cat, and two chinchillas. She is a yoga enthusiast, sits on the board of one of the city’s private schools, and provides financial and educational mentoring. Noelle teaches wine classes and creates educational materials through her business The Enologie Company. The only thing Noelle loves more than learning about wine is taking care of animals.